Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Grand National Roadster Show 2009

Wondering what new books are out courtesy of author Don Montgomery???...  well, why ask him in person? 

The past winners and participants building again. The overhead banners assist you with your walk through time. 

Dig that bitchin' Studey p-up! Is that a well dressed Y-block? 


Anonymous said...


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Steelworks said...

Wow, what a class act you are. Is this really the most respectable way for you to make a living? What happened, did you lose your job selling drugs at the playground? I wish you nothing but the worst.

biggearhead said...

Man, delete that clown.

On a happier note:
I'm not the hippest on my vintage Ford mills or Studes, but I do believe that the Y-motors only had two central hold down nuts? That one there appears to have four, and I *think* that the Stude motors were set up with centrally located studs for the covers. I'm thinking that's a genuine Studie mill there.

One thing's for sure, those Edmunds breathers are undeniably cool, and the truck bed? Awesome.

Steelworks said...

Aha! Big-gear-head, you are correct sir. Thanks for correcting me... that is indeed a Stude mill under that hood. And why shouldn't it be? Good eye!