Monday, January 26, 2009

The Grand National Roadster Show 2009

Had to give you one more shot of the Pierson and So-Cal coupes. 

Lastly, here's what it's all about...  old friends catching up. Hot rod pioneer Tommy Sparks catching up with old friend and hot rod/custom car legend Dean Jeffries. 

( Look for the new Tom Cotter book on Dean Jeffries that is hitting the stands now. Also, be sure to check out the extensive feature on Tom Sparks in the next issue of The Rodder's Journal ). 


biggearhead said...

Would have loved to have seen the lakes coupes side by side. I toured the Petersen museum years ago, and can't recall if I saw either car there, unfortunately. I was in a bit of a whirl on that trip, and details don't stand out now.

Seeing icons of rodding come together is awesome. It's nice that you got to experience this up close. These guys won't be around much longer, and it's important we appreciate their time while we can.

Unknown said...

Hey David My name is Andy Spofford and am a good buddy of Tim Baxter's My girlfriend and I came with
Tim to one of your shows in WI. I didnt know you were a roadster guy, but I have a mint '30 ford 5 window coupe that literally needs to be scuffed and painted, well after I chop 3 inches of course! I also have a '30 cabriolet that is in decent shape the cabriolet as you may know is ultimately a roadster with full door window frames. Hope to fly to Vegas on new years with Tim do some chattin again. Hope you didnt pully a Sonney Bono in CO on the slopes.