Monday, January 26, 2009

The Grand National Roadster Show 2009

Some vintage rails, including the "Dragmasters"

A stunning pair of Deuce coupes courtesy of Roy Brizio ( check out the Brizio post from several weeks back for a look at the build on the 3-window ). 

Last but far from least...   when in your life did you ever think you'd see these two cars parked next to each other? Thanks to Tony Thacker and the rest of the folks at the Wally Parks NHRA museum for making this happen. ( The Pierson Bros. and So-Cal "Double Threat" '34 coupes ) 

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biggearhead said...

Oh, yes! There's nothing that gets me going more than seeing a batch of old stuff. How I wish I could have been there!

That Dragmasters car - that's a wedge in it, but what's the size? Was it a 426? I don't know when that car ran. Love how the blower looks like it's got as much displacement as the engine. Men drive cars like that. MEN!