Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doin' the right thing...

The final installment from Monterey 2003...

First up is a fantastically patinated Bugatti Type 35 grand prix car. If this was ever even "touched up" I wouldn't believe it. Wonderful stuff. Dig the bitchin' early ARCA badge in the grill. 

Now finally the reason we all made the trip; Lets race! 

A mouth watering parade of priceless '50s sports racing cars come through the good old Laguna Seca corkscrew. 

Couldn't resist picking this as one of my all time all time favorites is leading the way through the corkscrew- The fabulous Cunningham C4-R. I know the red car well but for the life of me am drawing the biggest blank ( help anyone? ), I'm sure that's an Allard J2X coming in behind it. 

Finally, a lovely gold C-type Jaguar leads the way for our first American born Formula One World Champion- Phil Hill driving a to-die-for Alfa Romeo 3000CM. This is one of four closed 3000s built and is the very car that Juan Manuel Fangio drove in the 1953 24 hours of LeMans. This would be one of the very last races that Phil would run in his lifetime. The following year, Phil would run his final race in this same car during the Monaco historic Grand Prix. 

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