Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doin' the right thing...

Well, I must say, I got so fired up after writing out my post last night on Vintage Racing that I went back and thought about the many vintage events that I've had the pleasure of attending in recent years. Which ones were highlights, and which ones were super highlights. Those are really the only two categories. 

In doing this the photo albums came out and I thought I'd just throw out some quick pics to share with you. I'll do my best to identify where need be. Enjoy!  

The shot of the Edelbrock trailer and family racecar stable features quite a lineup for Vic Jr. and his daughters Cammie and Christi. These folks are super cool and know how to have fun. It truly is a family affair with Vic and the girls racing out on the track and Mrs. Edelbrock keeping track of lap times. The cars in this photo that I can make out would be the red and black original George Follmer '69 Boss 302 Trans-Am car, the '66 Shelby GT350 Mustang that Cammie races which is a former B-production championship car from back in the day, and finally the original Smokey Yunick '67 Camaro Z-28 that Vic campaigns. Vic can also be seen racing his silver blue '63 Corvette Z06 coupe ex-Bondurant 614 Washburn Chevrolet car as well. Taken at the Monterey historics in 2006. 

The unidentified but stunning collection of cars featuring the D-type in the foreground was in Monterey as well in 2006. I love the mid '50s Ferrari sports racer parked next to it, and is that possibly a late Porsche 908 on the end down past the single seater Formula cars? 

Lastly, here's what it's all about...  old friends catching up. This time my pal Tom Sparks says hello to lifelong friend Vic Edelbrock. Tom knew Vic's dad from the time he was a teenager and remembers Vic Jr. being born. I guess you could say he goes back to the early days of hot rodding! 

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