Monday, November 17, 2008

The Bronco goes to finishing school

Yes, another manic Monday kicks off. If it makes anyone out there feel any better ( and I know it won't ) mine will have started at 5:30 am as I have to get the Bronco loaded into the trailer and to the door of the trim shop by 7. That's right, the trim shop. I hardly remember it not being a gutted metal hull. It will be so nice to get it back and have some part of it that is plush and finished. 

    Speaking of plush, I have to applaud a great product that I just used for the first time. Don't worry folks, I'm not going to turn this blog into an infomercial. I just have to say something about this Dynamat stuff. It is just fantastic. Anyone out there who has used this knows what I mean. I just can't get over how user friendly it is. It trims out easy, does not clog up scissors, and with the aid of the small roller that they provide, lays out nice and flat and even. The adhesive that is built into it is very strong but somehow forgiving as well. When I screwed up and had to pull a section back off, it came right off but kept its adhesive qualities. Pretty cool. Obviously what you end up with is really the business. I have ridden in cars that have Dynamat throughout and it really is like riding in a modern car. It just makes everything feel more solid and quality built. The stuff isn't free but what you ultimately end up with in return, too me, is worth way more than it costs and it certainly makes your car feel more expensive. 

     Anyway, there you go. Dynamat. I guess you could say I recommend it. As you can see in the photos, I put down a full layer of Dynamat original which is a heat and sound shield. Then I put down another layer of Dynaliner which gives you even more protection in both departments but also gives you a nice quarter inch cushion under your carpet and it does not take on water. Again, pretty cool stuff. The icing with this product for me is knowing that the owner and inventor, Scott Whitaker, is a knuckle buster like the rest of us. If you go on their web site you can read some great stuff about the cars that Scott builds and his tendency to want to drive them across country and back on a whim. And I'm not talking about finished out modernized street rods, Scott's cars are pretty hard core, usually flat-head powered, and, if they have a top, are lucky to have windows. 

    So enjoy the photos of where we are with the Bronco at this point. I'm sure just with what you can see in these shots it will be obvious that we've come a long way. By this time on Tuesday we should have fresh new Mercedes Benz black Bill Hirsch carpeting throughout the inner tub and then you'll hear all about what our new paint is, what modifications have been done to the body, and of course, what's now under the hood. 

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