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The 1st annual Music City Motor Jam- June 27, 2009

Well I have to say, I'm beyond encouraged by the e-mails I received regarding my mention of my upcoming event. If even a third of those who reached out for more info decide to attend, I'll be pleased as punch. 

Because I've spent some time getting back to folks to answer various questions about it, I thought I would use up one perfectly good post and do a quick bit of event promoting, lay out all of the details, and get it out of the way now so we can get back to the entertainment on Wednesday. 

To recap, the event is called the Music City Motor Jam and will take place on June 27th of '09 in the Nashville,Tn. area. It is a single day event, is open to pre-1973 special interest cars and motorcycles, and will consist of many activities. There are two levels of participation that will be available to people and tickets for both are limited and will be sold first come first served. 

Level number one would be for people who are interested in having complete participation in all of the activities for the full day of the event. That package, and the day's itinerary, is as follows; A scenic driving tour/rally-run will kick off at 10:30am from the historic Loveless Cafe just outside of Nashville. The grounds of the Loveless Cafe offer a pleasant mix of 1940s Route 66 American diner with equal touch old rural south. The Cafe will be open and is famous for its charm and quality southern breakfast offerings. And for those who are interested- the Loveless general store will bring back the memories with its Waltons-like wood plank floors and penny candy. Registration will run from 9 until 10:30 am and a light breakfast of donuts/danishes/bagels, and coffee, will be complimentary. When registration is complete, the scenic driving tour will begin its first leg of the day.

 The Loveless Cafe is perfectly situated less than a quarter mile from one of the treasures of the south- The Natchez Trace Parkway. This will provide the driving tour participants with the first opportunity to bring machines up to temperature and stretch their old car's legs, all while touring what is unquestionably the most beautiful stretch of scenic road that Tennessee has to offer.  The Parkway is a registered National Scenic Byway, protected by the U.S. Parks dept., and gives the traveler an endless winding ribbon of perfectly groomed roadway and matching scenery, complete with historical land marks, points of interest, and scenic overlooks. 

By mid-day, the tour will make its way to its first destination for a lunch stop and private car collection tour. This will consist of a one and a half hour stop at the secluded Vintage Classic Garage. A quality catered meal will be served to all participants in air conditioned comfort and the complete Vintage Classic collection will be on display for all to see and inspect. The collection features something for every motorsports enthusiast; from a full array of '50s and '60s sports and racing cars with Lotus, Jaguar, MG, Triumph, and Porsche, strongly represented, to big full bodied American special interest cars from similarly early years. Add in with that a nice mixture of automobilia and a huge, secure, adjacent parking area for the tour participants to meet and greet all of their fellow travelers, and their rides, and we're sure the mid-day stop will not disappoint. 

From there the driving tour continues on with its last leg, traveling over to nearby historic Franklin,Tn., a town famous for its southern charm, small locally owned boutiques and shops, and historically significant southern architecture in its mansions and plantations. Continuing on the Tennessee backroads for the latter half of the afternoon, the tour will finally join back up with the Natchez Trace for its last installment of scenic driving. 

Finally, the tour will head north to the big city...  Nashville, with its ultimate and final destination being the wonderful Lane Motor Museum. One of the more fascinating and unique car collections on the planet, the Lane Museum is a Nashville motorsport treasure. Housing over 150 unique cars and bikes from all over the world and from any and all eras, the Lane offers a very unique experience for any motoring enthusiast. Upon arriving at the Lane, the tour participants will be directed to a secure parking area within the structure of the Museum which will house and display their cars for the evening. The museum will be privately available to all participants at this point for touring and inspection with ample time to take in the many unique automotive displays and vintage vehicles throughout the building. One of Nashville's most noted jazz combos, the Jody Nardone Trio, will be providing soothing sounds throughout this time, and a cash bar will be open and available. 

At approximately 6:30 pm, dinner will be served. The tour participants will be able to dine in a private, elevated,  and partitioned off seating area that is part of the main floor of the museum,  enjoying a clear view of the collection as a dinner backdrop. The relaxing music of Jody Nardone will continue on through dinner providing light entertainment and a relaxing audio bed. As a portion of the proceeds generated by the event will be helping to fund the "On Track" youth in motorsports educational program, a short presentation will be made by both myself and Henry Astor as the dinner is winding down. Items that will be going to auction to assist in the funding of "On Track" during that weekend will be on display and will include NASCAR memorabilia, Goodwood Festival of Speed items, signed collectables courtesy of the BBC show "Top-Gear", a new Fender acoustic guitar signed by dozens of Nashville's most famous country music performers, and our featured auction item...  a brand new Fender Eric Clapton model black Stratocaster guitar courtesy of and signed by Eric Clapton himself. In addition, all tour participants will be automatically signed up for the evening's raffle where additional music memorabilia, concert tickets, automotive products and collectibles, will be raffled off at random. 

At 8:30pm the evening's live music entertainment will begin as some of Nashville's top talent take to the stage. Participants in the full day's activities will enjoy a bird's-eye view of the stage from their private VIP viewing area, which will be complete with its own bar. As the night continues on and the acts progress from one to the next, it will ultimately open up to a Last Waltz-style all star jam session, closing the night out on what we're sure will be an unforgettable note. 

This full day participation package will sell for $175.00 per person. Again, ticket availability is limited. 

For those who can't get away for an entire day and would just like to enjoy part of the evening's activities, the second level of participation is probably for you. 

Beginning at 6pm, the Lane Museum will be opening up its spacious back lot for a cruise-in/show and shine. Participation in this is not limited to any particular type of vehicle. In addition to the Lane Museum's enormous ex-US military amphibious machine on display, cruise in participants will also enjoy seeing(and hearing) a display of vintage dragsters, all parked right among the rest of the cruisers. Although the museum will not be accessible during the dinner hour, a limited number (200) of cruise-in participants will be able to both, park in the show and shine/cruise-in lot, and enter the museum for the evening's live music entertainment. The cost for this will be $35.00 a person and there will be a cash bar available once in the museum. 

Lastly, for those who would only like to attend the cruise-in/show and shine, the entry fee will be $10.00 per car. Again, the rear lot gates at the Lane Museum will open at 6pm. 

Tickets will be available on line by going to astormotorproductions.com 

On behalf of myself and my business partner Henry Astor, we hope to see all of you at this first annual Music City Motor Jam! 

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