Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open House on Gasoline Alley (15)

And lastly, we're on our way home. I may have mentioned that my brother Rob and I ran his two cars down to gasoline alley for the open house. It certainly makes the experience complete when you can roll in in a period ride. Parked along serious competition, both cars managed to receive their fair share of compliments...  which was nice considering I restored the Corvette. They also ran like clocks there and back, and that was after the two of us couldn't help ourselves from running them off from a dead stop and all the way through the gears a couple of times. The Impala runs good but is no match for the Corvette. 

For the record I built both engines and the Corvette's is a 1962 340hp 327 that has been modified with a modern hydraulic Comp cam and compression that has been lowered to 9-5.1. It's a BW T-10 4spd car with a 3.55 posi. The Impala is a 283 power pack car with a similar Comp cam, RPM painted intake, .30 over, a really nice set of cleaned up 461 double hump heads, M-21 4spd, and a 3.55 posi. Both cars are super fun and have a nice crisp stock look- if I do say so myself. 

I liked the photo of them in my Mom's driveway ( though the colors do clash ). I tried to imagine a guy in the mid '60s lucky enough to have a stable like this. 

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